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The Brill Building, Book Two
(Tzadik Records 2017)

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Between 1985 and 1997 over 100 "records" were released on Kramer's Shimmy-Disc label.

Kramer produces artists on a sliding scale, and welcomes all correspondence.

Noise Miami

Noise Miami, 2004

Hofner & Fender Precision Basses

The trusty old 1984 Hofner I've used onstage since the Butthole Surfers first European tour in 1985, and my 1975 Fender Precision Bass.

Gibson EB-0

My coveted 1963 Gibson EB-0 Bass. Still searching for the elusive EB-1.


My 1963 Danelectro Vincent Bell "BELLZOUKI". Got this one on Ebay and it was perfectly in tune when it arrived. It's still perfectly in tune.

Black Beauty

Special thanks to Robert Fripp...My 1979 Gibson Les Paul "Black Beauty". This puppy knows how to scream.

Les Paul Gold Top & Danelectro Longhorn Bass

My 1980 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, and my Danelectro Longhorn Bass (vintage unknown).

Epiphone Olympic Archtop

My 1938 Epiphone Olympic Archtop, the loudest acoustic guitar I've ever heard.

Noise New Jersey

Noise New Jersey, 1991-1997

Noise New York

Noise New York, 1985-1991
(Kramer and Jad Fair during the making of Half Japanese's "Music to Strip By")
photo © Macioce