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The Past

Aside from his work as a producer, KRAMER will always be remembered as one of the great bass guitarists of his generation. Playing his Hofner bass (strapless, in fact) in bands as diverse as THE FUGS (1984 re-union), HALF JAPANESE, GG ALLIN's SUPERSCUM (one gig), BONGWATER, BRAINVILLE (with Hugh Hopper), SHOCKABILLY, WEEN, and of course BUTTHOLE SURFERS (including their magnificent debut European tour in 1985 and the unforgettable Danceteria gig in NYC), Kramer astonished audiences across the globe night after night on numerous world tours, but perhaps nowhere else was his power more evident than in his work with B.A.L.L. between 1988 and 1990. One reviewer commented...

B.A.L.L. - Bird (LP, Shimmy-Disc):

"I'd like very much to know how Kramer gets his bass sound. It's thick as King Kong Bundy, furry and blood-caked like a grizzly bear after the kill. When he plays his bass in B.A.L.L. he's all over the place, one moment creating the suction for a downward-spiraling swirl that'll crush the air outta yr lungs, the next filling in the gaps while Don Fleming spins off into the nether regions w/ his gtr in tow. B.A.L.L. create a sludge pound that's as heavy as most any musical anvil in operation today, but there's just so much force behind it that it fucking glides all the way home, man, like a virtual tidal wave of blood surging round yr system, veins near popping, heart bouncing around, denting yr ribs. In some ways you could draw comparisons to Dinosaur, but B.A.L.L are totally scattered all over the place, they've heard 'Cowgirl in the Sand' but they ain't hanging around...ok, so here's another label that you'd do well to aquaint yrself with. A stack of releases, most of them highly desirable, a lot of 'em having some some kinda involvment from the abovementioned Kramer...a twin-drum blitz, bass/gtr locked in mortal combat against yr neurons, 'Bird' contains the epic punch-out rock of the 1990's and you'd do well to get in on it now."

Kramer's productions sound absolutely nothing like any other producer's work. Period. Kramer began producing after years on the downtown NYC scene, playing in such bands as Bongwater, Shockabilly, Half Japanese, Ween, B.A.L.L., The Fugs, G.G. Allin & the Superscum and finally a 6-month stint with the Butthole Surfers after which he founded one of the era's most vibrant independent music labels, Shimmy-Disc.

Under the Shimmy-Disc (& Kokopop) banners, Kramer A&R'd, produced and released pioneering works by King Missile, Daniel Johnston, Lotion, Bongwater, Lida Husik, Paleface, Damon & Naomi, Grenadine, Semi-Beings, and even Gwar.

His production of "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" by Urge Overkill for Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction soundtrack earned him the Producer of the Year award in Rolling Stone magazine in 1995.

Kramer currently collaborates with Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) in a recording project they call The Captain Howdy. In 1995 the duo released a CD entitled Tattoo Of Blood. A second CD entitled Money Feeds My Music Machine was released in 1998. Both CDs available from Shimmy-Disc.

Having lost both Shimmy-Disc and his Noise recording facility in a lawsuit with the Knitting Factory, Kramer now produces and records in his home studio and at Tribeca Recording, an all-digital facility in NYC.

"My first recording was for Eugene Chadbourne on his 2000 Statues LP (1979), and my second appearance on an LP (a double LP, in this case) was for John Zorn's Archery recordings in 1980 at Martin Bisi's BC Studio in Brooklyn. Nearly everyone in that group disliked me and did their very best to ignore my presence there, but John ignored their misgivings. I am VERY proud of my contribution to that project, and when i am breathing my last puff of air in an oxygen tent, it will be one of the things i'll be recalling as i slip away."

The In-Complete Discography

KRAMER solo recordings The Greenberg Variations Tzadik
  Let Me Explain Something To You About Art Tzadik
  Songs From the Pink Death Shimmy-Disc
  The Secret of Comedy Shimmy-Disc
  Still Alive in '95
(Live in Japan w/ Hugh Hopper)
  Music for Crying (compilation) Shinko
  The Guilt Trip Shimmy-Disc
KRAMER solo recordings for compilations Sascha Argov Tribute Tzadik
John Zorn's Masada Tzadik
Virus 100, Dead Kennedy's Alt. Tentacles
  Marc Bolan Tribute Tzadik
  Serge Gainsbourg Tribute Tzadik
A.C. Temple Belinda Backwards

Blast First

Long Range
Rapid Fire
Four States Fair
Alice Donut Untidy Suicides, Degenerate Children Alternative Tentacles
B.A.L.L. Period, Bird, Trouble Doll, Hardball Shimmy-Disc
  The Bridge: Neil Young Comp. Caroline
Bank Of Sodom Studio Band Project
(with partner Jello Biafra)
Bongwater Breaking No New Ground, Double Bummer, Too Much Sleep, The Power of Pussy, The Big Sell-Out
  Rutles Highway Revisited -
Rutles Tribute comp.)
  The Bridge: Neil Young Comp. Caroline
Brainville The Children's Crusade Shimmy-Disc
Butthole Surfers Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis,
Rembrandt Pussy Horse
Cable Whisper Firing Line,
When Animals Attack
Mushroom-Infectious EMI Uk
1996, 1997
The Captain Howdy (with Penn Jillette) Tattoo Of Blood,
Money Feeds My Music Machine
1994, 1998
Carney-Hild-Kramer Happiness Finally Came to Them,
Black Power
1987, 1993
David Allen & Kramer Who's Afraid?
Hit Men
Damon & Naomi More Sad Hits Subpop
orig. release on Shimmy-Disc
  Wondrous World of... Subpop
Daniel Johnston 1990, Artistic Vice Shimmy-Disc
'88 & '90
Danielson Familie Tell Another Joke at The Ol' Chopping Block,
Secretly Canadian
1997, 1999
Dogbowl Tit! an Opera, Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Capt., Flan, Project Success Shimmy-Disc
Dogbowl & Kramer Hot Day In Waco, Gunsmoke Shimmy-Disc
Dot Allison Exaltation of Larks Cooking Vinyl
Fred Frith The Technology Of Tears Rec Rec
Edith Frost debut CD Touch&Go
The Furthurs from the wells of disappointment manifatture criminali
Galaxie 500 Debut 7" - "Tugboat"
LPs - Today, On Fire, This is Our Music
(Live Sound at all gigs)
Glen Or Glenda Reasons In The Sun Shimmy-Disc
Grenadine Goya Shimmy-Disc
Gwar Hell-O! Shimmy-Disc
1988 out of print
Half Japanese Music To Strip By, The Band That Would Be King 50 Skidillion Watts
1985, 1987
Hugh Hopper & Kramer A Remark Hugh Made, Huge Shimmy-Disc
Jad Fair & Kramer Roll Out The Barrel, The Sound Of Music Shimmy-Disc 1988, 1998
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Dial M for Motherfucker, Reverse Willie Horton Caroline
King Missile (Dog Fly Religion) Fluting On the Hump, They Shimmy-Disc 1987, 1988
King Missile Mystical Shit Shimmy-Disc
  Happy Hour Atlantic
Kramer & Hild Rubber Hair Shimmy-Disc
Kurt Ralske Tar, Iodine & Blood Guiterrorists, Caroline Comp
Laraaji Bring Forth Shimmy-Disc/ Laraaji
Lida Husik Bozo, Your Bag, The Return Of Red Emma Shimmy-Disc
Linda Draper

Ricochet, Snow White Trash Girl, Patchwork, One Two Three Four

Plantings Seeds Records
Lotion 2 Debut EP's Kokopop
1993, 1994
Low I Could Live In Hope, Long Division, Transmission EP Vernon Yard
1993, 1994
Maureen Tucker Life In Exile After Abdication
(with Lou Reed)
50 Skidillion Watts
M. Doughty
(ex- Soul Coughing)
Skittish self-released
Milksop Holly Milkweeds, Time To Come In Shimmy-Disc 1998, 1999
Minty Open Wide Sugar Records UK
Morning Glories Chapter Of Wills Kokopop
Moviestars Moviestars 2000
Nothing Painted Blue Power Trips Down Lovers Lane Kokopop
Palace Brothers 7" Single Drag City
Paleface Paleface Polydor
  Raw Shimmy-Disc
Pussy Galore Right Now Caroline
Royal Trux Double LP Drag City
Jayne Sachs It's a Scream Peer
Semibeings Sickness & Health Shimmy-Disc
  Three Pawns Standing CZ Records
Shockabilly Dawn of Shockabilly, Earth vs. Shockabilly, Colosseum, Vietnam, Heaven Rough Trade
Uncle Wiggly There Was An Elk, Across the Room and Into Your Lap Shimmy-Disc
1992, 1994
Urge Overkill Stull EP
Touch & Go
  "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, MCA 1994
White Zombie Psycho-Head Blow-Out! Caroline
John Zorn Archery Parachute LP, 1981
Tzadik CD, 2001

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