The new CD
The Brill Building, Book Two
(Tzadik Records 2017)

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Penn & Teller -
to see ultra-cool stuff by the world's greatest magicians, my pals, Penn & Teller

The James Randi Educational Foundation -
to see which "psychics" and charlatans are being debunked by my pal, paranormal investigator James Randi

Roth Händle Studios -
a recording studio in Sweden that houses one of the greatest collections of vintage keyboards, synths and drum machines in the world, run by my friend Mattias.

Tzadik -
a fiercely independent group of labels run by my pal JOHN ZORN, the most important composer of the 21st century.

Quack Watch -
to see the best available guide to Health Fraud, Medical Quackery and Intelligent Decisions (ever try "ear candling"?... visit this site and you'll never try it again)

Quack-related links:

Guide to autism
Legal archive
Guide to chiropractic
Guide to dental care
Guide to homeopathy
Guide to infomercials
Nutrition facts and fallacies
National Council Against Health Fraud
Consumer health sourcebook

Howard Zinn -
one of the very few living historians worth listening intently to

Dean Cameron -
to see who my pal Dean Cameron really is and what he really does

Mike Jones -
the greatest living jazz pianist I have ever heard in my fucking life

Outside the Lines Studio -
is my friend Colin's design consultation business.

Renee French -
to see amazing illustrations and drawings by my pal, Renee French

Jamy Ian Swiss -
to see the official website of the world's greatest living sleight-of-hand artist and close-up magician, my pal and a great NY Yankee fan, Jamy Ian Swiss

Buster Keaton & The Damfino's -
to see the official website of the world's greatest silent film comedian, Buster Keaton

George Carlin -
If you don't know who George Carlin is you should just lie down and die.
This great American comedian, atheist and rabid freethinker has a great
website, too.

Dr. Gary Stockdale -
to see the official website of one of the best musicians and film composers I have known, my pal, Doc Stock

Tony Fitzpatrick -
to see the official website of the Chicago-based artist who makes the best etchings I've ever seen, my pal, Tony Fitzpatrick

Macioce Photography -
to see more from the man who photographed 90% of the Shimmy-Disc record covers

R. Stevie Moore -
to see the official ultra-cool website of my pal and sometime partner, R. Stevie Moore

Jad Fair -
to see the official website of my pal and sometime partner, the inimitable Jad Fair

Martin Gardner - dianetics evaluation
Martin Gardner, still cooking in his late 80's, is America's greatest living purveyor of quackery and pseudo-science (better known to millions as the author of Scientific American's Math Puzzles for over 50 years). We've never met, and sadly he does not have his own website, but this diatribe on lunatic L. Ron Hubbard's "dianetics" is a great introduction to his numerous writings.

Dave Bias Design -
to see more ultra-cool design stuff by my pal, Dave Bias, designer of the final Shimmy-Disc releases AND this cool website

Marc Garland -
Marc currently maintains my website. Check out his work as an Assistant Director in film and television.

Atheist and Agnostic Musicians -
scroll down to my entry between Mark Knopfler and Alvin Lee

The Celebrity Atheist Website -
to see my entry and to see who else is a freethinker, with a separate section for those cowardly agnostics