The new CD
The Brill Building, Book Two
(Tzadik Records 2017)

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with Steven Banks The Master Himself with Gary Stockdale & Dean Cameron
Butthole Surfers The Ween with the Butthole Surfers
with VZ & Jamy Ian Swiss with Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair Butthole Surfers
with Ray Hyman & James Randi with Paul Provenza with Murray Gell-Mann & Julia Sweeney
with Ellen Johnson with Nadine Strossen with Johnny Thompson
with Murray Gell-Mann with Daniel Dennett recording Shockabilly in NYC
with Peter Stampfel with Richard Dawkins with Christopher Hitchens
with Michael Shermer $29,000 cheese sandwich Tess at Fortune's Fool opening night
with Tony Fitzpatrick with Todd Robbins with Jamy Ian Swiss
with Eric Stoltz with L.O.D. with Arnold Newman
with Arthur Penn with Les Paul with Dr. Jed Rothenberg
with The Amazing Randi with Penn & Teller with Jamy Ian Swiss and Arthur Penn
with Valerie with Tess Shockabilly
with Jad Fair with Daniel Johnston Brainville
Barcelona with Joni Mitchell with Jad Fair
with John S. Hall in Yankee jersey The Birdcage
with Urge Overkill Shimmy-Disc debut Screamin' Jay Hawkins
with B.A.L.L. with Penn Jillette 1988
with teammates at SXSW with James Randi & Arthur Penn with Irwin Corey
Fred Frith and Tess with Al Lewis with Jonathan Demme
with R. Stevie Moore Gary Kramer with Steve Earle
Tess with John Zorn Tess with Blue Man with Lenny Kaye
with Adult Rodeo Penn Jillette with Tess with Derek Bailey
Tess with Gilbert Gottfried with Tuli Kupferberg with Dean Cameron and Eric Stoltz